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Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day Was the Best - May 13th

Dear Family and Everyone, This was yet another awesome week with a new transfer and just getting out and working. Oh, and also it was so great being able to call home. It is so weird to think that Justin is taller than dad. That is crazy! You should take a picture. I have redetermined myself to striving to be as obedient as I wanted to be when I first got here. Now that I know more, I have more work to do but it will definitely pay off. We have really been helping those we teach prepare for baptism this week by building our faith. This helps us to prepare them because we are having more confidence in what we are doing and in turn helps those we teach in Stepenville be more comfortable. We are striving to work with the ward to help recent converts and less active members along. We are working to give them someone they can look to as an example and also to help answer questions. I have had so many great opportunities to learn from my studies. I am taking longer to get through things I study, because I am applying it to myself and also those we will teach. I am super excited to get out this week and continually reach new goals. About socks -black is the best color and CTR Clothing makes some really good Drimax socks. Thank you for all you do. It was so awesome hearing everyone's voices. I am glad to here Apence and Chelsey are doing great and working a lot. I am so glad to hear about Brother Smith - that is so awesome and is really going to bless their family especially being able to hold the priesthood. Keep up the good work with Bro Sullivan Justin. That sounds awesome. Love, Elder Shoemaker

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