A day in the life of a Fort Worth missionary. . . as posted by his parents

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Dear Mom,

Happy Halloween!

Love, Elder Shoemaker

Monday, October 28, 2013

New Assigment - New Area 10-28-13

Dear Mom and Dad,
It sounds like y'all had quite the adventure I bet if was pretty cold out there especially when in shorts and a T-shirt. It is great to hear about everyone that was willing to help and come to the rescue. I am glad you are safe dad and I appreciate that parallel to the gospel. I am sure that our Heavenly Father is really looking out for us when we are uncomfortable, however I am grateful for the trials that we have to help make us stronger. Plus you also have a really cool story. I am glad to also hear the cheerful attitude you had throughout the experience and I bet the stars looked amazing up there. 

 I am very excited how we are already formed into the ward. I know that there is a purpose for our family being there. It sounds like we have a great ward and a lot of strong members in that ward that are ready to lift where they stand. It sounds like homecoming was hit and it sounds like we got a party house already. Tell Justin that I said hi and to stop being so handsome. Thank you for the address-  it sounds too fancy. haha.
My new address is:
Elder Nathaniel Shoemaker
1512 N Elm St. #103
Denton, TX 76201
I am being transferred to the Denton YSA ward My new companion is Elder Sheeran I was his district leader when I was in Joshua. We will actually be white washing the area meaning we are both new to the area. One of the Elders that is there is done with his mission and the other is the new assistant in the mission. President Ames called me on Thursday and gave me htis special assignment. I will also be training Elder Sheeran to be a new Zone Leader as this is his first time. Please keep him and myself in your prayers. This will also be my first time ns a YSA ward and also sharing a ward with other missionaries. I am very excited and am ready for this. It will help me to stay focused too.
I am going to try and write a recent convert real quick too so sorry for the shorter letter.
I love y'all very much 
Elder Shoemaker

Loving the Work

Dear Mom and Dad,
This week went by very fast but there was so much that went on this week. It feels like Monday was a year ago. Anyway, Monday evening we started an exchange with one of the district leaders in the zone and his companion. We had a great service project Tuesday morning for a part-member family in the ward. I was with Elder Webb in my area and Elder Cathcart- a new missionary and his trainer Elder Hyde helped with the project. The member of the family was out of town so we worked with the non-member in her yard. Her name is Lucky (nickname). We trimmed the trees and bundled the branches so the can be taken away in the trash. We had the amazing opportunity to listen to Elder Pino of the Seventy on Wednesday. As he was speaking he had a few missionaries come up to the front as he tried to display what a good ward council could do to help a family come into the church. As missionaries we get to go to ward council and it has been something that I really enjoy. I represented the ward mission leader. I thought during that time what a ward mission leader can do to help missionary work. I would love to be a ward mission leader eventually.
This week we also had interviews with President Ames. They were amazing.  Right before interviews I thought about how he is my priesthood leader and that I should seek as much counsel from him as I could. I was grateful for the things I was able to come out of that interview with and I am so excited for the next 7 weeks. I love being a missionary and I love seeing the power of the holy ghost play such  a huge role in our efforts. Transfers are next Wednesday so I will be able to let you know next Monday what will happen. I will also get you my new address if it changes. That reminds me that I need our home address again so I can let the mission office know that change. 
I am feeling the excitement too of the new home! I cannot wait to see it and see how everything fit into place. I cannot believe that Josh is home I did not realize I have almost been out as long as him. I am very excited for Jacob. I hope Justin feels better and make sure and tell Bro Porter howdy for me and thank you too.
Thank you mom and dad for what you have done to support me as a missionary out here. I am very grateful for your sacrifices and your support. I am not getting trunky and I will not let that happen. I am ready to be continue to be an instrument in the Lords hands. I do not boast in my strength but in the strength of the Lord. I am grateful for the many souls I have been able to assist as a missionary and bring into the waters of Baptism. I have loved this sacred opportunity and I love it. I would like to also start preparing the report that I will give. Will you ask Bishop Sintay what he would have me speak on.
I love you all very much.
Love Elder Nathaniel Shoemaker
PS I read this earlier this week and I was amazed and learned a lot from the willingness of the people of Ammon to listen to the lord. Alma 27: 5-12

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Just a Few of My Favorite Things...General Conference 10-7-13

Dear Mom and Dad,
General Conference this weekend was so amazing. I was like a kid on Christmas! I thought of this as one of my favorite conferences. I love how the Prophet and Apostles warned of the deteriorating morality and virtue of the world. It was very sad to think about, but the direction that we received will significantly bless our lives as we live it in our lives. Another thing that really impressed me was the number of missionaries around the world and also how many missionaries were in the church building with Elder Crandall and myself - there were 37! That is so amazing there are so many missionaries! Anyway, I love all the talks so much so I will list all of my favorite quotes.
We gather here to hear the words of the Lord and return to our homes to live them.
Doubts you doubts before you doubt your Faith.
A church that does not have doctrine taught in it is like a phone without a battery.
Rise up! Stand tall! and Walk in the Light of Christ!
Brighten, touch, and save.
Man's laws cannot make that which is immoral, moral in God's laws.
Become the rock that the river cannot wash away.
Repentance is not punishment it is a hope filled path to a glorious future.
The stronger the winds the stronger the trees.
Pray every day, we need him every hour.
Performing Priesthood ordinances when unworthy is taking the Lord's name in vain.
The most important part of our service (as leaders) is our daily spiritual preparation.
Spiritual nourishment is as important as physical nourishment.
I loved all of these quotes. I went through my conference journal this morning and starred all of my favorite statements made in conference. It was cool to see the three word quotes from the first presidency that we can imprint in our minds to help us battle the adversary in our lives. I am also very grateful for the blessing that President Monson left on all of at general Conference. Those were my favorite words and I am excited to listen to them again. Did I tell y'all I love General Conference?
Our home looks so beautiful.  I cannot believe it is basically done and we will be moving in this week. It went too fast. By the way, can you send me the new address again I will have to let the mission office know my change of address. I am glad the missionaries have been able to help out with the process and that they are taken care of on their haircuts. I will be glad to let you know mom we do get free haircuts from a member in our ward and that this weekend during the break between conference lunch was provided by members in our ward for all of the missionaries. I know that since y'all have helped the missionaries at home Elder Crandall and I have been blessed too.
Dad I am also very sorry for forgetting to wish you Happy Birthday. Every week after we email I remember! So I wanted to let you know that I did not forget and wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday.
This week besides conference was wonderful.  We had a lesson with the Rongey's this week on Wednesday and they were overly excited to tell us they went to the temple the night before to do Baptisms for the Dead. They took 25 of their own names and loved their experience there. I am so excited for them and their spiritual progression as a family. Also this week we had a lesson with an investigator named Shannon. She watched General Conference and it touched her so much she bore a very strong heartfelt testimony and wants to be baptized! It was so great to see her excitement and all the notes that she took as she watched!
Thank you for all your prayers. You continue to be in mine daily.
Elder Nathaniel Shoemaker