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Monday, November 5, 2012

Making Commitments is Awesome!

Dear MOM and everyone else,

Ha ha love the costume. This Halloween we had a district meeting in the evening and that went pretty well.  I dressed up as elder Dunn and Elder Dunn dressed up as me. Our meeting was focused on how investigators, missionaries, and members must feel in the process of conversion. I led the main discussion on feeling the spirit and teaching by the spirit. I committed the Elders in the district to thinking of commitments to extend to investigators before they teach. This will allow the investigators to act and feel the spirit on their own and even lead to conversion experiences. 

It sounds like there is a lot going on at home especially with callings and church functions and activities. I bet Justin was a stud during Halloween and I bet y'all made some pretty sweet pumpkins. I almost thought of carving one but could not find the time. I hope Dad's finger is okay. That's sad to hear about the Christmas gift exchange stuff but we should definitely continue it with our family.  I have a gift I am working on, even though it may come later,  but it will get there eventually. 

This past week was great.  There were seven investigators at church on Sunday and we are super excited for all of them. This Saturday will be the baptism of Mike and also a woman named Melissa and her three daughters. We are so happy for all of them and the amazing step that they will be making. Halloween went very well and I can now tell that fall is finally starting to come. I am super sorry - pictures will come next week.  I have my SD card but there isn't a slot for it on the computer. For My Christmas "wish list", I would say an electric razor, GPS; and the traditional chocolate orange and socks are always wonderful. Thank you for the notes from the Stake Conference and that scripture.  I always love hearing about those things.


Elder Shoemaker

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