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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Working in a NewVineyard - November 18, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,

I bet that Justin's show was amazing. I am not surprised at all that they did very well. I cannot watch the video but I will get to see it eventually. Who else is in Justin's group?

It sounds like the new home is keeping yall busy with different projects. I bet that the new fence will look great and the cats will enjoy being outdoors. You should definitely find a place for the piano.  I know a couple songs now and if it does not fit anywhere I would definitely love to buy it and eventually use it in my home later. Yes, I do know that I do not have too much longer here in Texas, but I am making sure to stay very focused. This area has been a great blessing for me and has really helped me to do that. We have had to give Denton a jump start and have had to learn this area very quickly. As part of labors in the vineyard this week we were able to find 3 new quality investigators. Yesterday, we had a lesson with one of them and it was amazing. We went in with the plan to teach the Plan of Salvation however as we began to follow up on the commitments that we left with him we shifted the lesson to him. We ended up reading in Alma chapter 32 and focused the lesson on Faith. It was so powerful because we took the chapter and help to relate it to his life. He was able to tell us that he felt the spirit and  his plan was to go and meditate on the things we taught right after we left. We continued to discuss the lesson afterwards and Elder Sheeran told me that he was thinking the exact same thing when I shifted the lesson plan. This has happened many times with the missionaries I have served with and it is such an amazing experience to see the Lord's hand in the lessons we teach. Last night we also had another amazing Restoration lesson with another college student. 

Elder Sheeran and I are really starting to gain traction here and we are starting to find more and more people to work with. I really love serving here in this area. There are miracles happening and we are finding the lost sheep. I am so very grateful for the opportunity we have as full time missionaries to be shepherds. I have learned so much as a missionary that will make me the kind of person I will be the rest of my life. Thank you so much Mom and Dad for the prayers you pray for me and the sacrifices you have made for our family.

Oh, and here is a link to a video I saw on this week. You may have seen it already but if not pause the video when the kid asks the question of "why the Lord told us to go to the right when it was not the right way" and think of how you would answer the question and then watch how it was answered. 


Elder Shoemaker

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