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Monday, December 12, 2011

What does a Missionary take with them?...

Well, for starters, there is probably a longer list of what they CAN'T take with them, but for the sake of space we'll give you the shorter list of what they should.

- Immunizations record
- Driver's License - Passport
- Temple recommend
- Scriptures
- Four-generation pedigree chart
- Hymnbook
- Pens, paper, pencils (for writing letter and taking notes)
- Backpack

- Hair kept relatively short
- Suits in dark conservative colors
- White shirts (8-10)
- Sweaters - v-neck dark solid
- Ties (5-6) Yeah, right!
- Slacks (3-5)
- Belts (1-2)
- Shoes (2)
- Water resistant boots
- Socks (10-12)
- Undergarments (8-10)
- Exercise clothing
- Preparation Day clothing (day to wash clothes and write letters)
- Coat
- Umbrella
- Handkerchiefs
- Bedding
- Towels
- First-Aid kit
- Medicine
- Miscellaneous

Okay, this list is pretty long too, and it isn't even the entire list. This is just a sampling of the preparation that goes into getting a missionary ready to travel for two years without his mother there to pack for him. I think he's all set to go!

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