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Monday, December 26, 2011

Week Two MTC

Hi yall,
Just checking to see if you got my email on tuesday i will see if i can send it again just in case you did not get it they are letting us send emails today because of Christmas i am taking plenty of pictures and i will definently send some as soon as possible.
Thank you so much for the presents and packages the chex mix was amazing again dad and the ear muffs were much needed i had forgot i was going to get them so thank you and the bike pump will be very usefull. this week has gone by so so fast it is crazy it feels like we were just having the first sacrament two days ago. the computer i am using is being really slow and not catching my typing so again i will not be able to write as muvh and no i am not trying to avoid emails there is just alot of elders sending letters right now.
This week has been pretty hard  with alot of elders feeling homesick and making some things depressing but that is okay i just want to be able to help tham out i have not really gotten homesick and i am doing great i just want to help the elders realize that they should be here at this time and that a honorable mission will really strengthen their lives. Also i got the mtc mini flu but it should go away soon. we have been busy all week going to classes and studying, lots of role playing, and working with volunteer investigators. christmas has been awsome so far we got to listen to David A Bednar and have a great Christmas lunch. Elder bednars talk was amazing i was so excited to find out he was speeking he is my favorite. oh my goodness yesterday of the day before i really do not remember which day it was but i saw brother peck (THIS IS NATE'S OLD SEMINARY TEACHER WHO IS NOW TEACHING AT BYI IDAHO)he was here to do some missionary training stuff so he could us it at byu idaho. I was so excited to see him mainly because i did not expect to i just herd my name and turned around i just freaked out and got really excited. I am sorry i have not been able to write much. I miss you all and love you even more. Merry Christmas.
Elder Shoemaker

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