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Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 16th, 2012

Dear family, This past week went by so fast and I feel like I wrote yesterday however things just worked out and we were able to teach so many different people. Elder Payne is doing great. He is almost done with the 29 day challenge and is working hard on lesson principles so he can teach better when we go out to appointments. He has gotten already so much better since he got here we will even end up saying what the other would say when we kindly interrupt each other. Our unity is getting much better and make the lessons go a lot smoother. I have had those hard time so frequently but I can never remember the details because when good things happen they take over. Anyways to help investigators progress towards baptism we have been applying what we have learned during the twelve week program and making sure not to forget what we learned in the previous week. It seems to just make thing go smoother and allows the spirit to be there ten time stronger. Gospel study has been so amazing I really love the time I have to read the Book of Mormon. I am almost finished studying it again and it is amazing how the things that I read stand out to not only me but the people that we see that day. This last week was amazing and this next week is super busy with missionary meetings but I hope me and Elder Payne will still be able to teach as much as we have even with shorter days. > > > > It was really awesome this past week. We were able to set two firm baptismal invitations with investigators that had a firm yes to the invitation to be baptized. One example was we had an appointment set up that dropped on us an hour before. So we went to our backup appointment and after that we felt prompted to go and check on the investigator that the appointment fell through with. We went and knocked and ended up teaching the lesson. It was with Jerry Boykins daughter. He is a recent convert. She firmly accepted baptism and when we told her that her dad would be able to baptize her she almost began to cry. The spirit was so strong and it was such a great lesson. We also went to another investigators house and her son was there we asked him to join in on the lesson and we again felt prompted to invite him to be baptized and he was so ready to accept that he took what we taught as truth but understands that he must have a spiritual witness too. > > > > Anyways about the graduation gown I think it might be in either Justin's closet or I think I might have let Sister Halter borrow it for Elise's graduation. I know i did not pack it away but make sure and check every closet like the library or the front closet too. It sounds like the yard is looking so nice. I love the picture. The grass looks so amazingly green and the flowers look beautiful. I would love it if you sent a picture of the back yard especially with a super fancy mow from dad. haha You should get Justin on it along with the other lawns that I used to mow. Also I would love the picture because I guess green grass does not exist here. haha. I am excited for the Time out for Women and the CEFY. They are both marked on the calender I. brought from home. It is so funny how all those yard projects work out haha It is how the missionary work is turning out here for me and Elder Payne. To answer your question dad, Elder Payne is just as devoted to living obediently. He got here and was ready to work. I love that about him and am glad to be his companion. I forgot to bring my camera today but Ii will make sure to send some pictures next time. How is the preach my gospel FHE going? I would recommend chapter 5. It is on the Book of Mormon and will really help to get more out of reading in the BOM. Also IIwant you all to find someone that you can invite to have the missionaries come and teach maybe even have them for dinner and then have a lesson afterwards. Okay well sorry i have to say bye. I love all of you - even you Justin. I hope you have a wonderful week and be a member missionary! > > > > Love you son and your missionary, > > > > Elder Nathaniel Shoemaker >

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  1. I love reading letters from missionaries. Sounds like Elder Shoemaker is doing good. I think for our FHE's we will start taking our lessons out of Preach my Gospel. Thanks for the idea.