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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Companion - March 1, 2012

Dear family =),
     I am training now!!!!!!!!!! My trainee is Elder Payne.  He is from New Mexico and is one of seven children. He is number 6 with a younger twin brother. He is so excited to be on his mission and this past week has been so great we have worked hard and have been super obedient. We have also been playing racquetball together in the morning and are getting a super intense workout. Conference was so amazing and I loved Elder Bednars talk in priesthood. It's right now my all time favorite talk ever. All on conference was amazing of course and went by soooo fast.
    This past week has been a very trying and exciting week. It has been crazy to take the reins of being a trainer but I am not going to doubt what the Lord wants me to do. I have relied a lot on Him this past week to help me out and know what to do. 
From conference I have really learned how, as a missionary, I can be an example to those that we teach in Stephenville. Also conference has really helped me to be more outgoing and learning to be friendlier, which is something that my trainer told me to work on.  I've noticed how it has helped me to teach more effectively because I am more comfortable when talking with investigators, my companion,  Elder Payne, and church members. 
We have been helping our investigators this past week to prepare for baptism by getting stronger commitments from them and making sure to always commit them to something when we teach. It shows the Lord how willing they are to do basically what He asks them. In return we have noticed how the Lord works in their lives and prepares them to make that first step. Gospel study has been so effective.  It helps to prepare me in more ways than one now, not only to teach investigators but also to teach and train Elder Payne.  I am happier than I have ever been and I love being able to bring people closer to God and Jesus Christ!
The investigators in this area are doing so great.  There is this one guy named Mario that is doing so good and I can tell because Satan is working hard on him, but the Lord and I and Elder Payne are working ten times harder. We had a great lesson this past Saturday. The spirit was so strong as we taught the Plan of Salvation and then afterward we showed him the baptismal font and the spirit just grew stronger and he was so excited. We are teaching him tonight and he is scheduled for baptism on the 14th of April!
I am sending some pictures and hope to hear from y'all next week.  I have not gotten any emails today but I understand with this very busy weekend that just passed. I hope pole vault is going awesome Justin.  Keep setting records and goals! Scout camp is coming up fast and sounds super awesome along with the CEFY. 
Dad you super stud all those hike and working to support and show love for your family. Thank you Mom,  Dad, Justin, Spencer and everyone else who has blessed my life and made it possible to be in Texas!

Love Elder Shoemaker

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