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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Companion - August 6, 2012

Dear Dad, family, and friends,
        My new companion is Elder Fa'onelua. He is from New Zealand. He has the coolest accent ever. He has been on almost all his mision and has 5 weeks left. It is so cool serving with him and learning from him too. It sound like the hike went very well and sounds like everyone had fun. I also bet Priest Lake will be fun too.  I cannot believe that mom found a picture of my hair ugggggggggh! (Nate got a permanent in 2008) haha. It actually looks pretty cool.  I i should not have let the kids who made fun of it get to me to cut it and should have kept pulling it off.
            This past week has been so great. I am so excited for the opportunity that I have to be with Elder Fa'onelua here in the Temple 2 area. I have learned so much this week from him already. It is different being with a missionary who has been out longer then me. There is so much he has taught me. Elder Fa'onelua is doing great.  He has a very powerfull testimony and a great self conversion story that helps him to relate with the people we teach. I have been doing so much better at talking with everyone and I have talked to more people this past week than I ever have in a single week. It has been great and I am looking forward to working with new people. The area is doing well and we are excited to find the elect that are ready to hear the gospel. One spiritual experience that I had was as we were coming in a little early one night we were trying to decide who we should see. We listend to the promptings of the holy ghost and found ourselves at a recent converts house. While we were there we found out a name we came across in our records that morning from 4 years ago, which was his mother. We set up through him to go and see her the next day with him. It was amazing how it panned out and how we came to be there that night.
       Y'all will have to make sure and send me some pictures and I will make sure to send some also. I have some people waiting on me for the computer so I have to go.
Elder Shoemaker

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