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Monday, April 29, 2013

April 8, 2013

Dear Moma and Dad, (almost every time I type mom and dad I accidentally hit an "a" after mom so I am just going to leave it)
First of all, I am excited for the big step that is being taken in making a new home for our family. Just so you know I am going to be okay.  I was actually looking on the other day after you had mentioned the possibility of moving. As I was on there I was looking at the ward and got the impression that I would not be in the Columbia ward when I returned home from my mission. So it is a big surprise, but the Lord has prepared me for the change and has let me know that it is alright. Also, as I was in conference, I received the prompting and a second confirmation as to where I will continue my education. Mom, if you will, can you start my application process for BYU Utah?  As Henry B Eyring spoke, I felt that now is the time to start on that so I can return home running. My goal is to be accepted to BYU so I can start in the spring. I will be writing a written letter home today so you can have access to my email to get passwords for the required info for application. 
Anyway, I loved conference so much and got so much from it.  I will include the things that stood out in my letter.
As for the email process for missionaries the rules have been changed instead of relaxed. It is actually a churchwide change to the missionary handbook. It will allow missionaries to communicate and uplift friends and family along with recent converts. I personally will not do to much outside of family, because I already feel short on time. Anyway, I promised pictures for y'all and grandma and grandpa also expect a letter soon.
I love you,
Elder Shoemaker.
Blue Bonnets

Indian Paintbrush 

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