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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Elder letter December 27th

Dear Familia,
The mtc is going great again the keyboard is worn off so i may have a few mistakes.
These past few days we have had a missionary rooming with us that is going to the phillipines so it is really cool hearing him tal in his language. i hace no idea what he is saying but it is good for him to practice as lomng as he understands himself. He was supposed to leave a couple days ago but he had broken his finger and had to wait till it was healed because that do not have verty good doctors where he is going. I will be able to call from the airport i am not sure which one but i leave from SLX arounf 8 in the morning so i may call then or when we get to texas. I am not sure if i have told you already but there are about 18 missionaries going to texas that day we may have a new ward by the end of our flight hahaha. i gotta go i love you all and i will call you in about a week. I am glad to hear christmas wwas great mine was amazing too.
Love yall ;-)
Elder shoemaker.

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