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Monday, March 26, 2012

Becoming a Trainer -


Dear Family,
 Elder Ericson and Elder Shoemaker are doing great in Stephenville. I am super excited for general Conference. We actually talked with a part member couple about how she can know the prophets are really prophets. We invited her and her husband to conference so she can find out for her self and focused on the Book of Mormon too to help her know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. This past week we only had 17 lessons which was discouraging. We are working to to meet the standards of excellence set for us to have at least 20 lessons or more. I personally am beginning to study the doctrine of Christ and how I can continually live it in my life so I can better help the investigators in the Stephenville area. With recent converts we are having them go on exchanges with us so they can see how much their testimony can help others grow. It is really amazing to hear their sincere testimony and how powerfully simple testimony can be.
     This past week has been pretty tough with lessons and we have been on bikes a lot. I am super excited though. We are teaching an investigator and his name is Mario. He is a super awesome guy.  He is so ready for baptism and is ready to accept what the Lord has for him.  He committed to live the law of chastity, and understood why he should be married and the lesson just turned out great.
     HAHAHA!  I found out on Saturday that I get to TRAIN A NEW MISSIONARY! The Lord and Mission President have entrusted me to train. It is so weird, I have been out only three months and am going to train. Oh my goodness!   It so crazy I have been out more than three months.  Now it feels like it has gone by so fast already but I still feel new! Anyways that means that Elder Ericson will transfer out and I will train in Stephenville. Elder Ericson is going to Arlington and will be the District Leader there and will actually be companions with another Elder Erickson (one of the missionaries that came out with me) I have been laughing at Elder Ericson all day about having a companion with the same name. So... that's the news for this week.  I will sends some pics.  I hope y'all enjoy them.
Your favorite Shoemaker Missionary  in Texas 
Elder Shoemaker.

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