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Monday, October 28, 2013

Loving the Work

Dear Mom and Dad,
This week went by very fast but there was so much that went on this week. It feels like Monday was a year ago. Anyway, Monday evening we started an exchange with one of the district leaders in the zone and his companion. We had a great service project Tuesday morning for a part-member family in the ward. I was with Elder Webb in my area and Elder Cathcart- a new missionary and his trainer Elder Hyde helped with the project. The member of the family was out of town so we worked with the non-member in her yard. Her name is Lucky (nickname). We trimmed the trees and bundled the branches so the can be taken away in the trash. We had the amazing opportunity to listen to Elder Pino of the Seventy on Wednesday. As he was speaking he had a few missionaries come up to the front as he tried to display what a good ward council could do to help a family come into the church. As missionaries we get to go to ward council and it has been something that I really enjoy. I represented the ward mission leader. I thought during that time what a ward mission leader can do to help missionary work. I would love to be a ward mission leader eventually.
This week we also had interviews with President Ames. They were amazing.  Right before interviews I thought about how he is my priesthood leader and that I should seek as much counsel from him as I could. I was grateful for the things I was able to come out of that interview with and I am so excited for the next 7 weeks. I love being a missionary and I love seeing the power of the holy ghost play such  a huge role in our efforts. Transfers are next Wednesday so I will be able to let you know next Monday what will happen. I will also get you my new address if it changes. That reminds me that I need our home address again so I can let the mission office know that change. 
I am feeling the excitement too of the new home! I cannot wait to see it and see how everything fit into place. I cannot believe that Josh is home I did not realize I have almost been out as long as him. I am very excited for Jacob. I hope Justin feels better and make sure and tell Bro Porter howdy for me and thank you too.
Thank you mom and dad for what you have done to support me as a missionary out here. I am very grateful for your sacrifices and your support. I am not getting trunky and I will not let that happen. I am ready to be continue to be an instrument in the Lords hands. I do not boast in my strength but in the strength of the Lord. I am grateful for the many souls I have been able to assist as a missionary and bring into the waters of Baptism. I have loved this sacred opportunity and I love it. I would like to also start preparing the report that I will give. Will you ask Bishop Sintay what he would have me speak on.
I love you all very much.
Love Elder Nathaniel Shoemaker
PS I read this earlier this week and I was amazed and learned a lot from the willingness of the people of Ammon to listen to the lord. Alma 27: 5-12

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