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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Elder Shoemaker Meets the Brown's

A couple from our ward is serving a mission and they entered the MTC on Monday.  We asked them to try to find Nate before he left today the 3rd, and they DID!  Here is a letter from them and some pictures they took together.  Thank you Brown's.

We weren't going to start our blog until we got to Montenegro, but I couldn't resist sending a picture of  Elder Shoemaker to you (Click on the blogspot below.)
He looks great and is ready to go to Texas.  We ate lunch with him.  He was telling Craig about Preach My Gospel. . .kind of giving us sense of what we would be learning.  We met his two companions that will travel with him tomorrow. . .a nice group.
I sat in the cafeteria looking at all of the missionaries young and old.  I wanted to see if they looked stressed (from all of the learning) or if they looked like they were in prison or what.  Actually, they are a relaxed, happy group.  The cafeteria is amazing.  The food is good, but the real impressive thing was how fast they get their food.  There are different stations that they can go to, so there are never long lines or slow lines.
They are busy in a pleasant way.  I can tell that Nate feels good about his progress.
They are comfortable in their suits.  In the cafeteria many take off their jackets and put them on the back of their chairs.  They comment on each other's ties.
Now why would I make the prison comment.  The security is tight here.  You have to have a card to slide in a slot everytime you enter a building (like a hotel).  That way only missionaries  can get in.  They walk around sliding their cards like it is no big deal.  They change classes often and move around to different buildings, so things don't get stagnant.
Aren't the Christmas lights beautiful?  They are on the inside patios.  On the outside it looks like a boring mission training center.  Then you get inside and see all of this.
I wish I could have seen this when my kids were going on missions. 
There are about 98 senior missionaries in our group.  Eight are single sisters, so that makes 45 couples.  They told us to work at a pace that our health permits.  This a marathon, not a sprint.  They stressed sharing our experiences with our families.
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