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Monday, January 9, 2012

First Letter From Texas

Howdy y'all,
I will just start off answering questions.
The trip to Texas was awesome it was soo cool flying out of Utah i saw Bingham copper mine on the way out and was like whoa - I have been there. I sat next to two other missionaries and some ward members from Texas and the plane was full of disappointed skiers because there is not very much snow in Utah yet. I got to the mission home and had amazing Texan food we went to the church and i stayed the night at the assistants apartment along with most of the elders. the next day we just did some orientation and then figured out I was going to Stephenville, Texas the farthest west area in my mission. It is all flat with no mountains I like it though amazing sunsets and the stars are so bright because it is basically country. Stephenville is actually the cowboy capital of the world. My bike is here with me we are in a car mission but i am putting the bike together today actually. It is awesome here last night the first Texas storm hit with loud thunder lightning and plenty of rain. My companion is elder Ericson he is awesome. He is from Denver, Colorado. we are working on exact obedience and we can already see the benefits from it. 6 new baptisms scheduled and 3 just yesterday it is so awesome we are doing a lot of teaching it i amazing.
I will share two experiences. There is Mary and Matt they are engaged. the elders contacted her before I got here. So we went to the address she gave them the first day and Matts dad Morris said to go away and he did not want us there. Later that night we saw her walking with Matt scheduled a return appointment the next day and found out Morris was a member along with a friend that lives with them and Morris and Bri were both testifying of what we were saying by the end of the lesson. They committed to baptism on the 28th and we have gone back to teach them and they came to church and loved it.
The other is hector again a contact we went to teach him and had tony along another Hispanic who is getting baptized on the 21 we taught the lesson and he loved it tony bore his testimony in Spanish and we all felt the spirit. Hector is also being baptized on the 28th along with Matt, Mary, Gordon, Damon.

                  (His second email...a few minutes later)
Oh my goodness i forgot to share my scripture for this week and say i love you all.

Anyways I just wanted to talk about Moroni's promise at the end of the Book of Mormon the reference is Moroni 10: 4-5.  It talks about if you want to know if these thing are true to pray with intent and a sincere heart. As i a found out through teaching this it can be applied to anything. We ask investigators to apply this promise to not only the Book of Mormon but to what we teach. We want investigators to know for themselves and not take our word. It is so effective in teaching. Anyways I encourage all yalls (oh my goodness I totally just accidentally said "all yalls" by habit haha yay!) to use this promise to gain answers to anything you want to know is asking if the bible is true. You don't really think of it because you pray about the Book of Mormon to know its truths but the bible is also the word of God as far as it is translated correctly so we can pray about it too. 
I love y'all,
Elder Shoemaker
P.S. study Preach My Gospel it will really help to prepare for a mission and also make it easier to share the gospel with friends and people you meet. We can all be missionaries!

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  1. Nate is in the same area as most of my dad's family. His aunt lives in Cleburne or Glen Rose I can't remember which. My grandparents are buried in Grandbury, TX. Actually, their ashes are there. None of my dad's family members are members of the church. Sounds like he is doing well.