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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Love Conference - March12, 2012

Dear everyone,
Today will be kind of short as I also have to write to President and the library is closing soon because of spring break.
Anyways,  it seems like eveyone is doing awsome and feeling a lot better.  The flu is going around down here but as missionaries we are immune.   haha! Just kidding. This week has been super awesome but also really hard.  We have tried to relax a little and relieve stress, so we went and played basketball with some kids from the ward since they are on spring break. We also had Stake Conference this weekend it was awsome and I am super excited for General Conference.  It is like Christmas for missionaries for some because they can sleep,  but I am excited and have learned that I really love Conference.   At Stake Conference,  we got to hear from Elder Lynn G. Robbins.  He is a great speaker and spoke amazingly.  The spirit was super strong there and I learned quite a bit.  It was also really cool to hear Grandma's and Grandpa's conversion story. We have been pretty busy and have a pretty big week ahead of us. Ii love all of you and hope that Justin is not sick.
Love Elder Shoemaker

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