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Monday, March 5, 2012

Let me shine those shoes for you...

Dear Familia,
       Another great week in Stephenville. This past week we worked a lot on finding new people and working to have new investigators. With those that we have begun teaching we are helping them to progress towards baptism by helping them understand the importance that they can only get their answer from God. With investigators with baptismal dates we are helping them get more from reading and helping them apply themselves in it. Daniel, one of the investigators we are teaching this past week, told us he wanted to finish the BOM by his baptism on the 17th.  He is reading so much each day and learning so much. Oh my goodness!  The other day we taught the plan of salvation to the most interesting guy ever and it will probably be one of the best lessons ever. He is this college aged kid and is a super proper guy.  He basically came to our appointment wanting to be baptized. We taught him  and he loved the plan of salvation. He described the fall perfectly. He told us how without the fall there would be no reason for Christ.  That is something that not a lot of people understand and was so awesome to see how much he knows that the Savior is important. The lesson we had with him I cannot describe in writing but it was an amazing lesson and I will probably never have a lesson like it again. In working with our recent converts we actually met at the church with Zach today for a little today and practiced singing hymns so he could sing them at church.  We are also going to meet with him this week to show him how to pass the sacrament. My studies this week were so amazing 
Elder Ericson has really helped me to dig deep and rely on the spirit. I had a great opportunity this week when Elder Ericson told me to come up with our commitment for and investigator. I hated it so much at first but I studied and prayed and prayed and knew exactly what i should commit that investigator to. I have also had the great opportunity to work on clarification in teaching (which Elder Ericson told me to work on). I studied the definitions at the back of the lessons which really helped me to teach clearer and define those words that are so common to me that others may not understand.
      Elder Ericson and I are still working on becoming  a Zion companionship. We have started to make each others meals and we are not allowed to iron our own shirts, shine our own shoes, wash our own dishes, or fold our own laundry. It helps us to love each other more. We also are not opening mail until P day so we can focus more on missionary work. It makes P-day kind of like Christmas - ha, ha. Lastly,  we do not say anything is MINE because it is all the Lord's, and sharing allows us to be more like a Zion people. These things have payed off so well and we can notice a difference. 
    That hike sounds awesome dad we will definitely have to go hike there when I get home and mess around on the sand dunes and we will make sure Justin is there too. I loved the package.  It was really like Christmas opening it. I am wearing the tie now I love ties so much it gives such a variety.  I think I am at 25 ties now and still counting. Y'all can inform  people to not send me candy because I gave it up to help support an investigator in giving up smoking. The women's retreat business card is a great idea Mom. Hey and shout out to Justin   - I want you to take the opportunity to go out with the missionaries as much as you can and don't let things get in the way of doing that,  like girls or other things. It will prepare you so much and you could surprise the missionaries by memorizing the first vision. I am just recommending this, but Preach My Gospel is not just for missionaries, but is for members - especially ch 6.  I would recommend Mom, Dad and Justin to start doing FHE with Preach my Gospel. I love all of you and yes that includes you too Justin. I hope y'all have a great productive week.
Love Elder Shoemaker.

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