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Friday, June 22, 2012

First Transfer

Dear family and friends, It sounds like day camp was a major success. It probably feels good for it to be over. It is great that it was all able to go through with no major injuries. I cannot wait to see the pictures. That is crazy about the kid getting bit by the red ant that must have hurt. I am getting a couple of mosquito bites but not bad. I have not even seen any cockroches here (knock on wood) haha. Anyways big news ELDER PAYNE GET TO TRAIN! I am super excited that he will have that opportunity. It will help him to grow so much. I have also been called of the Lord to serve as a district leader in another area of the mission. It will be such a great opportunity. I am preparing now to take on that responsibility when we transfer on Wednesday. So, you can put a hold on mail or just send mail to the mission address until I can email my new address. This past week in Stephenville went so well we made the goal of finding a lot of new investigators. We did not meet that goal but I really felt like it helped out our week very well. I truly felt like we found 6 strong quality investigators. Elder Payne is doing great. He is very excited to train but is also nervous. I know that he is going to do a great job here in stephenville especially as he puts his trust in the lord it will truly be the only way because it was difficult to train until I did the same. I am super excited. I know it may be sad to leave Stephenville but this past week has been made up of working hard to make sure I am proud of my time spent here. I am so excited to go to Temple, Texas. It is exactly the place where I need to be at this point in my mission. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as a district leader. I feel like like the responsibilities I have from the Lord are helping me to build my life. I know I am not perfect and am glad that I will have the chance to serve other missionaries. I had an amazing spiritual experience this past week. There were some times as I was serving in Stephenville were I felt like I did not use time wisely or work to my fullest extent. I decided to change that and am grateful that I am able to repent. I have worked harder this past week and I cannot even remember or feel the guilt from my mistakes. I am grateful that I can be forgiven. I know as a district leader I must set an example and I have changed what I need to, to be able to do that. I love Stephenville and Elder Payne and am also excited to serve my family in Temple, TX! Love, Elder Shoemaker ;-)

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