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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jun 4th, 2012

Dear Friends and Family, Yes I would love some cookies haha. How date you hold back your secret. It sounds like day cam is almost ready to go the activities sound awesome and I bet the scouts are going to love it. WHHHHHAAAAT! Brother Smith is the assistant scout master?! Is he a member now? Anyways it looks like Justin is taking some initiative and putting a productive summer together and is going to have fun with Austin. Yeah Texas weather is super humid and hot. I have gotten used to it now but still I could never live move here haha. It is exciting to here about all of the graduates and going of to college and missions. That is crazing Tanner is getting ready to go too. It sounds like you are well on your way to the 100 mile bike ride dad it sounds like it will be fun. I remember that story about the semi trucks and haha I love grandpas quote. It reminds me of Matthew 6:24 about no man can serve two masters. You cannot be on both sides you cannot server God and mammon you can only choose one to devote your life too. I have been working on this and putting off the natural man. I am more upbeat when I am about to complain I say something that is cheer Iull. Like maybe I hate mosquitoes but instead I can say spiders are so cool. I also just get out there when I am tired and let the spirit work in me so I can get rid of natural man feelings and apply Alma 26:12 for in his strength I can do all things. It helps me to devote my time and finish the day strong. Anyways this week went pretty well I have been really focusing on reporting accurate numbers and it takes the guilt away from counting lessons when there is not everything there that is needed. It made this past week so different. My teaching has changed it helps me to work harder and it helps me to connect more with the doctrine of Christ. I am actually teaching these people because I want to teach them not just to get numbers. I really feel like a true missionary. Yeah it might hurt when we do not meet standards but i know if I count lessons right I will strive to really help people and also work harder during the week. Elder Payne is doing great he is teaching so much better and is starting to teach the things that meet the investigators needs. Stephenville is doing so amazing we are finding new people and building up our quality new investigator pool and helping them to progress so well. I love Stephenville and and making sure to take advantage of my time here. Love, Elder Shoemaker ;)

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