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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Temple, Texas - Jun 25, 2012

Dear friends and family, This past week has gone pretty well it is exciting to be in Temple in a whole new area. I am slowly getting used to the area. I have been sick this past week but am almost fully recovered. It helped me to see how I can still accomplish work when I am sick and see that when I am feeling better how much more that I can do. I am excited to be with elder Blair. He knows the area very well and is very good at getting to know people and being friendly. Temple is going well. One of the people we are teaching is a young man that went on a week long camp out with the boys of the ward. He read scriptures with them and said a prayer once or twice. It sounds like he had a great time. A great spiritual experience that I had was with my added responsibility as a district leader. I have already seen the Lord help me out. It may sound minimal but I feel as if the Lord has prompted me as to what I can do to help the district best. I am excited to be in Temple and be able to work with the missionaries in this area. Temple is a pretty large place compared to Stephenville. I am in the Temple 2nd ward which covers the far west on Temple and then a town called Belton with a couple of surrounding towns. We actually live in a very nice apartment complex probably the nicest in Belton. However the mission apartment was kind of thrashed but we have gotten it cleaned up very well. I will make sure to send some pictures next week. As a district leader I am the leadership over my companionship and two others in the district. I report their numbers at the end on the week. I am am also in charge of a district meeting which goes on once a week. I will also conduct companion exchanges with missionaries and visit the other areas of the district. I am excited for these responsibilities and know that that will help me to grow immensely. I am working on getting used to the area. It was all weird at first being in a new area with a new companion. I felt like I was ready to leave Stephenville and I know Elder Payne will do well there as a trainer. It sounds like the ward is growing pretty well . I am glad that the parents were able to get together for the fireside. I am sure it will help out the youth very well. It also sounds like day camp went amazingly well. It is sad to here that Spence and Chels are leaving. You will have to make sure and get me the address for them. I am excited to here about the classes that you are taking dad to get ready to take the reins on your floor. It will not be suprizing if you do. It also sounds like you got some pretty fancy new corner table mom and I already like them better. There is going to be a second story on the house when I get back. Haha. Actually that would be pretty cool and we could have a slide from the balcony to the pool. Well make sure and send me some more questions about my new area and I will make sure to get some pictures sent. I am excited to be in Temple and do work here! Love, Elder Nathaniel Shoemaker

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