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Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 11th, 2012

Dear Family and all my friends who graciously support me, Elder Payne and Elder Shoemaker are doing great in Stephenville. The past week in S-ville was trying, we had gone this week without finding any new investigators. However we were blessed the end of this week by finding two new investigators on Sunday. Me and Elder Payne have made a stretching but reachable goal for this next week of focusing on new investigators in preparation for transfers. We are up-ing the teaching pool also in preparation for baptisms so we will still have people to teach once they become new members of Christ's Church. I am excited for this next we and the incentive to finish strong for the transfer. I had a great spiritual experience this past week. We had been talking with a convert of a year while on an exchange with him about his experience of knowing the Book of Mormon was true. He said he prayed and right as he addressed his Heavenly Father, he started crying for the first time and he felt as ifs he were talking with God. That night as I prayed, I knew God was listening but as I have had a tough week, I really felt like he was there waiting to help me. I felt so overwhelmed but so comforted by my father in heaven. What a spiritual uplifting experience. It sound like everyone is getting in the spirit of Day Camp helping out and getting things done. I cannot wait to hear how day camp goes and see the crazy pictures haha. I have been in Stephenville for about 6 months now it is crazy I feel like I have been out for only like a month. Transfers will be next Wednesday I will find out if i am staying or being called to another area next Museay and will let you all know. I will be excited either way because I know it is where the lord wants me to serve. Me and Eelder Payne are finishing up the last week of out 12 week program and it has benefited us so well. I loved being able to go through it again and it has made Elder Payne a great missionary. Haha, dad i love the gps route of lawn mowing i can tell that you used our neighbors trash can along with the diagonal pattern too! If you send shirts this week you should definatley send them to the mission office as first class so it will get forwarded to wherever I may be if it is Stephenville or a different area. Anyways, I I am excited to hear about day camp and also to see what will happen with transfers! Love, Elder Nathaniel Shoemaker

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