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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lots of Zone Work to do 2-11-13

Dear Mom and Dad,
This past week was awesome.  We were able to do a lot of teaching but also a lot of other things too. We were able to take one morning to help by providing service.  I also was on exchange in a bike area which was great and exhausting. Cool thing - my hip would react on and off when we would bike and walk in the past but when I was on exchange on the bike there was no pain at all and even the day after there weren't any problems. We also receive a lot of assistance from the ward with people coming out to teach with us. We were actually out with a YSA who is getting ready to go on a mission and he had a friend over named Roman.  We actually were able to teach him and he seems genuinely interested.
I will have to warn y'all this next few week will be very packed for me.  I will, however, include as much as I can in my emails about how I am doing and will of course answer the questions you give me. These next few weeks will consist of organizing transfer stuff for the Zone then transfers the next week with a meeting the Friday following transfers. The following week will be a Zone Conference which we will host and the week after will be zone training done by us as zone leaders too. I am excited to see the Lord's hand this next week in our schedule because I know He will allow us to still work hard as missionaries.
As for Trek, one strongly recommended tip would be to make sure and load all of the heavy things over the axle of the hand cart and also make sure it is balanced too. This will make is so you will only have to worry about pulling the handcart rather than pulling, balancing, and rearranging the cart all day. I love that string analogy Mom.  I will definitely take that and include it in my teaching and let you know how it goes. There is nothing I am really in need of at this time  that I can think of. I will of course make sure to let you know if I do though. Anyway,  I am doing great and I am continuing to learn so much as a missionary.  It will be sad to see Elder Davis go this next week, but I know that he has accomplished his two years here as a missionary. That is very sad to hear about Austin, I will make sure to set aside some time to write him.
Anyway, I hope y'all have a wonderful day.  Here are some pictures of our apartment and I will have a picture of me and Elder Davis next week! Sorry for being slow on getting y'all pictures.
Love Elder Shoemaker

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