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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Power of Teaching 2-5-13

Dear Mom and dad,
It sounds like y'all are staying super busy and accomplishing great things. It is really cool to see the progress on your diets and how work and activities are going. This past week was busy for Elder Davis and I of course. We had quite a few meetings this week. As a zone leader the last week and the first week of months tend to be very busy.
I love being able to see this new teaching methods in the church and how it is applied in the home. The participation that come from the new teaching really helps to cause interactions and allow leaders and parents to see the testimonies of the youth. I think that is amazing and allows for a teacher to modify the lessons to fit the youth. These years are definitely so crucial for the youth of the church and is is so amazing being able to see them progressing. On thing that has really helped us as missionaries to get people to speak up in lessons is asking inspired questions and also direct questions. Sorry if I am rambling but I really love this new teaching method. Especially since it is so close to the teaching method we use. Page 183 in Preach My Gospel talks about asking questions and how to have inspired questions. One other thing that can be taken into consideration is that we need to teach people and not lessons. Meaning don't just teach the assigned lesson but adjust it to the needs of the hearers. Wow!  I just realized how much I love teaching. I hope there was some good feedback there to help with teaching.
I also think it is a wonderful idea to use this method in FHE and devotionals. One thing that we can think about is what we are doing is spiritually edifying. It is so good to have discussions on the scriptures because we all get something out of them. Discussion also helps us focus and really study the scriptures rather than just read them.
Dad, that is definitely a really cool experience that you were able to have with your patient. It reminds me so much about working with the investigators here and also missionaries. I try not to judge and I always try to go in with a smile on my face. Also, I get to see the progress that the investigators make just like your patient. It is so cool being able to make the correlation between the your nursing and my missionary efforts.
Sooooo. I still need to write to President Sagers. I will fill y'all in on the people we are working with next week and also send some pictures. Oh, and tell Victoria that is super exciting to hear about her opportunity to serve in Japan!
Love Elder Shoemaker

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