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Monday, March 18, 2013

March 4, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad
Jury Duty! Ha ha that would have been kind of interesting. I will be looking out for what happened. Also, it looks like the beach-themed daddy daughter thing was a hit. Wow bro. Hanks daughter looks so much older along with the Scott's youngest daughter. Also, congratulations on shedding the weight and good job Justin on healthy eating. That is one thing that I have really learned out here to have enough energy to get through the day but there is just more than temporal means that gets me through the demanding schedule of missionary work. This past week at zone conference (which went great, and I was also asked to conduct the conference) President Sagers talked about grace. After reading the following definition I commented on how I have felt the Saviors grace, in this way, allowing me to meet the demands of the missionary schedule. I know that without His grace I would not be able to accomplish missionary work by my own means.

"It is likewise through the grace of the Lord that individuals, through faith in the Atonement of Jesus Christ and repentance of their sins, receive strength and assistance to do good works that they otherwise would not be able to maintain if left to their own means" (Bible Dictionary Grace)
There is a recent convert who husband that we are teaching that is a master gardener too. Every time you talk about master gardener stuff I think about her and vise versa. I might tell her to Facebook you. She seems like the kind of person you would be best friends with. We have a lesson there on Tuesday so keep an eye out.
Thanks dad for sharing about that restoration teaching. We were able to have an amazing restoration lesson this week with a new investigator. As we finished reciting the first vision I asked her how she felt. She said as we recited the experience she felt as if someone was pushing down on her shoulders but as we finished and it instantly went away. We told her that is an example of how God speaks to us through the spirit. She became very excited and cannot wait to learn more.
To answer questions. Elder Hansen is awesome. It is great being able to serve with him. In the pictures below he is the one with blond hair and elder Davis in the one darker hair. We will play basketball in the morning on the court behind the house and sometime jog. The bishop is so cool and he does so much to help us out. We try to play volleyball or basketball on preparation day, and if we sight see it has to be on preparation day so it is a little hard to do. No pranks yet besides post-it noting another missionary's car.
I hope y'all have a great week
Love Elder Shoemaker
P.S. dad are you able convert the scotch video tape i took a picture of?

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