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Monday, February 27, 2012

Bear Testimony - February 27th, 2012

Dear to everyone,

     This week was so amazing.  We had a lot of meetings but it worked out that we had more lessons this week than last. The week ended so great with Zone conference that was so spiritually uplifting and really helped me to break out of that shell haha. We also had a baptism that night too making it a great day. I had the wonderful opportunity to confirm Kellie McCormick in church. It was my first ever and I love using the priesthood to bless others lives. We also had a great spiritual lesson with an investigator with a set baptismal date and I bore my testimony at the end crying and made the spirit stronger which was already present because we were able to meet in a members home and have a spiritually guided lesson.
   This week in studying, I practiced with a personal study in preach my gospel helping me to bear my testimony stronger. It has really helped when testifying and showing the sincerity. Also,  in practicing the companion study box on pg 159,  I have realized by preparing a short one minute contact helps me when talking with people to get straight to the restoration, making the contact more effective.
   In preparing our investigators for baptism we are really helping them focus on the analogy from Alma 32 by having the seed grow within them showing them that what we teach is true. We also use action plans to help them prepare for baptismal dates. It is so awesome to see how this helps investigators and we are working on making it more effective. 

   Elder Ericson and I are working on becoming a Zion companionship like we learned in zone conference helping to contribute to a Zion district, zone, and mission. I love the BMW (best mission in the world)
   Yes Elder Ericson is still my companion. He will probably be until the end of March. There are a lot of small towns but we only work in Stephenville and Dublin. My allergies are acting up pretty bad.  I am out of Flonase but I am  doing great with the fact that the weather down here is hot one day, cold the next, rainy then humid, and then cold some more. I did get the garments.  I was so happy when I got them, it was so funny.  Thank y'all so much and they are perfect. I managed to fix my bike with some super glue, tape and part of a hanger and I would easily put a 2 year warranty on it.  haha. We had another meal this past week that I was craving from home- Enchiladas. There is nothing I can think of that I need besides Flonase. To answer the question of how I am doing. I am great!  This past week was awesome with the Zone Conference and baptism.  
   It sounds like yall are staying busy at home. The CEFY sounds like it will be great of course.  I would not be surprised based on who's in charge. Personally I don't mind Justin if you are in my room.  Which ever you would like would be cool and it would be awesome to have the BYU people over. I am sorry if I have repeated anything over the past weeks.  They just kind of blend together and when I write, I try to get as much as possible in. Sorry to hear about the Forte try-outs thing,  and it would be awesome if you could work for Brother Sullivan Justin.
    Anyways Fast Sunday is coming up and I would encourage you if y'all feel impressed to bear your testimony and when you do, like I was kind of saying about when bearing mine this past week, when you say something like "I know the Book of Mormon is true" - expound on what you mean. I willl say goodbye with a short example.
Love Elder Shoemaker
    "I know that the Book of Mormon is true because I have done what I need to say that. I have prayed sincerely with real intent and faith in Christ and the Holy Ghost  has made manifest to me of it truthfulness. I also know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christ's church, again established on the earth by using Moroni's promise, because the Holy Ghost can tell us the truth of all things. In the name on Jesus Christ.  Amen."

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