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Thursday, July 5, 2012

100 degrees and counting...

Dear Friends and Family, This past week went so great. Elder Blair was able to perform his first baptism (personally). Maverick was baptized on Saturday. One of his friends came to the baptism and we were able to set a baptismal date with the friend too. His name is Andrew and is a teenager along with Maverick. I have been doing a lot better. I got over my cold and Elder Blair and I just got out and worked this past week. We were able to find 7 new investigators this week and set baptismal dates with 3 others. Temple 2nd area is doing so great. We were able to go out on exchanges with the members a lot this past week which really made a difference in the lessons that we taught. One really great spiritual experience I was able to have this past week was in a finding situation. We were trying to contact former investigators. we got lost trying to find a certain street. As we were sitting at an intersection a lady pulled up in her car in the middle of her turn and started talking to us. She immediately accepted and even took us to her sisters house who also readily accepted along with her daughter and hopefully we will be able to work with the son too. We were lost on purpose and found the elect people that were just waiting for us! I am so glad that Ii am able to see the spirit guiding us even when we are lost - it is so great. Okay, here goes the question answering spree. Tanks for sending questions. Temple is being treated very well. We have been working a lot on finding new people to teach. This last week was very successful. We had a baptism on Saturday for a young man named Maverick. The new apartment is really nice. Our air conditioning was not working the fist week but now it is super cool. We have a one-bedroom but it is really big. We actually have a couch. haha. This past week we had about 3 days in a row over 100 degrees. It was pretty brutal but also fun too. I will probably freeze when I get back. Temple and Stephenville are pretty similar. There is not as many cowboys and I have only been in the "country" once instead of every day like in s-ville. As district leader one thing that I did not mention last week was that I have the opportunity to interview the people the elders in my district teach for baptism. I will be doing my first one this week on Wednesday. I am super excited and cannot wait. Thank you so much for all of the sweet ties. I just opened the package before I wrote and I am snacking on the cookies haha. I totally forgot my camera today but I did take pictures. I will send some next week. It sounds like y'all are going on a Silverwood trip that sound super exciting. The river sounds super cold haha. It reminds me of when we would go and hop in the river at night. It sounds like you are working on your racquetball dad haha. Thank you Justin for writing me. I am excited you are studying Preach my Gospel. I love it. I am going to write you snail mail bud. Good job on pole vault and BOM reading challenge. I hope you all have a great week and thank you again for the package. Love, Elder shoemaker

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