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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Meetings Galore

Dear Friends and Family, This week was super packed and rushed -going to meetings, exchanges, and appointments. Temple is doing great and we keep finding more and more people to teach. We are teaching people and they are sharing with their families and introducing them to us. It is so great! I love seeing the testimonies grow of those we teach and it is amazing when they share it with others. Elder Blair is doing great we have been working on serving each other whether it is in the apartment or when we are teaching. I think I am getting used to the heat and enjoy getting out and still finding those who are ready to accept the gospel. I had a great experience this morning actually as I was studying. I was following up on a commitment from our district meeting based on how to use the Book of Mormon more effectively in my mission. I continued to study and when we were sharing what we learned with each other almost everything that I said was about that. It amazed me and I am learning new ways to use the Book of Mormon more effectively. One way is to keep the same context of the scriptures and make it so investigators can apply scriptures in their lives. I cannot wait to get out and apply it in my missionary efforts. It sounds like the Silverwood trip was super fun. I am not surprised at dad for getting everyone wet and hooray for mom too! I have actually fixed my bike problem. I have been updating my bike since I got here with stuff from past missionaries bikes. I actually have a carbon fiber specialized hard rock frame now with shocks, front disk brakes and paddle shifters so I am definitely doing good on my bike stuff now ha ha. I bet it is getting blazing hot there. The humidity just slaps you in the face down here but it get us to find people that we can teach so we can get out of the heat and teach investigators. We are told for the heat to just drink a lot of water in the morning and stay hydrated during the day and that keeps the problems away. I actually have not seen the package with shirts yet but I am sure it will be on the way. HA HA I finally got some boots. We helped a member move some stuff for an estate sale and I saw some sweet boots with the soles coming off, but I can fix that. I got them for 5 bucks. What a bargain. I will make sure to send some pics of them, along with some other pictures. That is exciting to hear about Justin and drivers ed. Anyways, info on Elder Blair. He is from Rexburg Idaho, he is 6'3" and can dunk ha ha. He is also really good at connecting with people we teach. I am glad to hear about Kade's project and I am expecting news on Justin's. Good idea with getting addresses of the converts I taught. I will have to get permission to write them but I will be able too. Anyways Dad, I love the story of swimming and applying that to people in their lives. It is so true. I do see those people who swam in the swift water and had to make up for it. I think it will be a great story to use in lessons and talks. It sounded like something I would hear at General Conference. I might have to use that story and apply it to the people I get to teach. Okay, well I am going to get some pictures loaded up and finally get them to y'all. Anyways here are some pictures. Truck line up at a missionary meeting, sunrise on an early morning missionary trip, sweet boots, Fort Worth skyline, apartment pic, and Elder Blair and Shoemaker. Love, Elder Shoemaker

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