A day in the life of a Fort Worth missionary. . . as posted by his parents

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ready to Receive

 Dear friends and family,
         What a great week.  There was another baptism in the district this past week. I love seeing the growth that is coming along here in Temple and Belton. I love being able to work with Elders Hatch, Moses, Smith, Long, and especially Elder Blair. The area here seems to be thriving.  I have seen so much potential here and me and Elder Blair are taking advantage of that. We are finding so many people who are ready to listen and accept the gospel. Elder Blair is a great example to me he always learns so much from studying in the scriptures and is doing great on the Book of Mormon challenge we are doing. It has helped me to get a lot more out of the other things I study. My goal this week is working on being more sincere. Elder Blair is a great example of that and I have learned a lot on how I can show Christlike love. An amazing experience happened this past week which has helped me to see how the holy ghost works in my life. We were riding down the street on our bike to an appointment and passed by a house with people on the front porch. We had passed the house and I felt prompted that we should go back and talk to them. I pushed it off because we were in a hurry but then realized I was ignoring a spiritual prompting. We went back and started talking.  It was akward at first but then found out that someone the missionaries had taught in the past lived there. He had moved and lost contact and wanted to meet again. It was so amazing and I am working harder to pay attention to spiritual promptings.
      Wow!  It sounds like there are some major changes in callings in the ward. Bro Christensen seems like he will be an amazing person to help with the youth. Also Bro Harris will do a great job. I rember when he was my sunday school teacher. The activities sound fun that are planned for the youth and will give them places to go where they can uphold their standards.
    Chels and Spence got to see Mt. Rushmore? That sounds so cool. I bet their trip is pretty long. It is so exciting that they are moving forward and making some major steps.  haha - I cannot wait to be an uncle.
     Congrats Justin on turning sixteen and happy birthday!!!! That is so exciting to be a Priest and have the opportunity to bless the sacrament. It sounds like your Preach my Gospel reading is going great.  I know it will really help to strengthen your testimony. So, do you think you will get your license soon?  It is the perfect time especially with all the eagle projects going on.
     Mom, it sounds like you are getting back into the swing of scripture study. That is sometimes my favorite part of the day- having time set apart to be able to delve into the scriptures. I know I will need to take advantage of my time studying out here and make goals to keep doing so throughout my life. It is so exciting to hear about Grant and Jackson.  It seems like they left yesterday. Dad, I would love to write about the importance, impact and preparation involved in my mission. I will send a letter containing that so you can share it with all the youth. I love all of you and am excited to here about all the positive changes at home.
Elder Shoemaker

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