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Monday, July 23, 2012

Sincere Listening...a Great Thing

Dear friends and family,
To start off with happy birthday Mom! and also Grandma!
         That is so awesome how Justin was able to take the sacrament to bro Dabling. It sounds like he is already starting to fulfill his calling. It sounds like Sunday was pretty crazy. I am glad to here Spence and Chelsey got to Iowa safe.  It is so weird to think about them moving. I did get my shirts and they are perfect and they look so white compared to my other shirts haha. I bet the camping and vacationing trips will be amazing and Priest Lake sounds like so much fun. It is actually my all time favorite vacation spot. Make sure you send some pictures. It is sad to here about everyone moving and going away. I hope Spencer and Chelsey make sure and call along with grandpa and grandma.
          I don't know how much the gps is used at home but I was wondering if it is not used it would be very helpful especially with finding directions to get around in some of the confusing areas here.

          Well this past week has gone pretty well. Elder Blair is doing a great job. He feels like he is leaving the area soon and I feel like I just met him. However he will go where the Lord sends him. Elder Blair has been helping me out this week as I am working to continue to be more sincere. I feel like I have just been rushed, as, time flys and we have to work hard to fit everything into our schedule. The area here in Belton is amazing.  We have so many ward members that are willing to help in so many ways -from exchanges, to providing service to investigators, and especially feeding the missionaries, which can be a bad thing, but I will enjoy it while it lasts. Haha. An impactful spiritual experience this week I had was as I went on exchanges. I was with Elder Hatch from the district. I feel like I learned a lot from him. He has done a great job as a missionary and helped me open my eyes and helped me understand what I can do to improve. It has been to work on listening. I applied it this week and I realized that I talk too much. It helped me to connect with investigators, members, and gave elder Blair opportunities to teach. It worked out so well and has been helping me to work on my goals in a round about way. Especially sincerity.
             Anyways I hope your shoulder is alright mom, and that is a calender worthy picture dad! Have fun camping and I will know why if I do not get any emails when y'all are vacationing haha.
Elder Shoemaker

p.s. I am working on that letter you asked me to write dad.  I thought I could get it done this week some time but I will make sure I send it of by tomorrow.

p.p.s. check out and type in shoemaker

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