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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Year and a Great Year

Dear Mom, Dad, Spencer, Chelsey and Justin,

Wow!  This past year has gone by super fast.  It seems like it just flew by. I feel like I just got to Texas but recently by listening to how I talk has proved otherwise. Elder Moses this past week has pointed out my y'alls and other Texan phrases such as "right quick" and "fixen". Ha ha I guess it  has really grown on me. This past year I have learned to love the scriptures more, how to love people easier, and also how to find way to get along with all types of people. I have also learned what true BBQ taste like and also learned to love Texas and being a missionary. But most of all,  I have truly come to love my savior Jesus Christ. 

This new year I would hope to find ways to develop humility. Also I want to really be able to look at people the way the Savior does which will in turn help me to have a desire to talk with all and find ways to help them first develop faith in Christ which will then lead them to repentance, making covenants, receiving the holy ghost, and then living a life the way the savior wants us to by enduring to the end and helping others to find their way too. 

Well, I have had a great week.  Me and Elder Moses get along very well and love serving here in Joshua Texas. It will get hard and we have times of the week where things don't go how we would like, but the things that we go through help mold us into better servants of the Lord. 

Dad, I was thinking last week about sharing scriptures. This week I have been studying in Alma about the sons of Mosiah and their missionary work among the Lamanites.  I want to share a scripture will all of you about how the sons of Mosiah find strength. In Alma 17:9, it talks about how they fast and pray, allowing the spirit to be with them so they can be instruments in the hands of God. As we study the scriptures, pray, and fast like we were able to do yesterday we will have the power to be instruments in the Lords work whether we are full time missionaries, leaders, or teachers of youth in the church.  We can all be instruments and be an example to others. 

Transfers are coming up on the 16th.  I will be excited to see where the Lord wants us and I will let y'all know ASAP where I will be. I will take some good pictures and send some next week.

Elder Shoemaker

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