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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Developing Humility January 2, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,

It was so great to be able to talk to y'all in person finally. There is definitely a mouthful of information today. I am so excited to hear about the new missionaries going out ,especially some very close friends. Also it is exciting to hear about sister Cates, and Tanner (Shoemaker Cousin). It was super exciting to hear about the Spirit of Elijah.  I have definitely gotten that out here.  I will for sure get into family history when I get home. Wow!  The Medinas are home.  That is so crazy.  It was great to see his picture.  Would you send me a picture of their  family.  I would love to see how different the kids look. Dad, just to let you know, I love the scriptures that you post.  I usually take them and read over them and have even used one of them in a district meeting. It Texas,  it is not uncommon to see scriptures written everywhere.  I love it and I always love reading special scriptures. I am glad to hear that you are getting around more mom and that your surgery went well. I apologize in advance for the typing mistakes in my email and if it is not as long. We just got out of our district meeting, which went well, and we will be heading to a service project this afternoon. If there  was any struggle on my mission it would be humility.  Not in the sense that I do not have it,  but trying to go where the Lord want us during our efforts rather than just going off of my own knowledge. This morning was a true test of that as we had a little time to work before we went to our meeting. We cold have used the time to make copies for the meeting but instead followed a prompting to go by a store that is owned by a part member family. They were not there but the person who was working took a message for us and we found a way to finally come in contact with the family which was very cool. I am really working on developing humility along with other Christlike attributes. 

I am super excited for this new year and the new goals that everyone is making. I encourage y'all to find goals you can set that will help you stretch physically and spiritually, but will in turn, provide blessings in the end. I love you all so much and want to say again how wonderful it was being able to hear your voices.


Elder Shoemaker

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