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Monday, January 14, 2013

New Area - New Zone Leader!!

Dear Family and friends,

First of all, thank you for still writing to me this past week even through snail mail. I got the calendar and it is perfect.  I was about to buy one, but I see now, why I did not. I love your picture in there dad and it is so exciting to see that in there. 

Well I found out on Friday that I will be transferred up to Lewisville, TX this coming Wednesday. My new address is:

Elder Nathaniel Shoemaker
7090 Estates Dr.
Copper Canyon, TX 75077

I have also been extended the responsibility of being a Zone Leader there with Elder Davis. I was very excited to have this trust and I know that I will continue to grow and progress in my new area. I found out that I live with the Bishop in an apparently nice house. It will be an upgrade from the cube, but I will definitely miss The Cube, Joshua, and Elder Moses. 

Thank you for all the pictures of skiing and of the Medina family.  Ammon looks so much older. WOW!! and it looks like y'all had a great time skiing. 

This past week was very interesting. It was raining off and on the other day with the most rain I've seen.  I was on an exchange in a bike area and I was completely soaked by the end of the day. It was super fun and we were still able to teach.  I also had the opportunity to serve with a stellar new missionary, which reminds me.  Elder Moses is going to train a new missionary and he is super excited. He has made a lot of good changes here so he can have the sacred trust of training a missionary. We may have some new missionaries that are 18 but I am not sure yet. 
We finished the week off by providing some service for and older lady.  We helped getting Christmas decor taken down and also helped get some stuff out of her attic that her grandson had used to grow marijuana (note there was no plants just lights and tools). She actually even showed up to church this week and sat with us. It was really cool to see her there even though her Sunday was very busy. 
Well, I have been asked to write the mission office this week for the monthly newsletter and I want to send some pics. I love y'all and hope you have a great week. 


Elder Shoemaker
 Area map of Joshua
 Dirty shirt
 Bro Browers glasses
 Christmas lights
 Santa Shoemaker
 Pictures of me and elder Moses

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