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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Settled in New Area

Dear Mom and Dad,
I will have to be a little quicker today as I am on an exchange today and I also have lots of info to send via email for zone stuff.
That is super exciting to hear about trek and the preparation for it. Also, Dad that is so amazing about  the opportunity that you have to make such a large impact in peoples lives.  I did not really comprehend how much you help those people until today. I understand why you love it so much. You are able to serve others without having to receive praise. It reminds me of Ammon and how after he protected the flocks the king did not find Ammon among the people in pride but in the stables taking care of his assignment. I am excited for that opportunity that you have and am also grateful for the spiritual impact that you have had on me and also those you serve in the church.
Well, yes the place we live is pretty fancy. We live with the bishop in the apartment above his garage. The address in actually 790 not 7090. This place is for sure a lot bigger than my last living quarters but I still love the Joshua apartment the best. I am still learning what I do as a Zone Leader, but one of the main thingsIi will do is find, teach, and baptize. A lot of what I will do is to mainly set an example of missionary work and lead as the Savior does. I will for sure fill you in more on what I do. One cool thing is that I will get to work with the stake and also meet with the Mission President once or twice a month. Elder Davis is from Toronto, Canada and is super good with people. He is very intelligent and goofy. He does improv and loves to have fun. He actually has a month left on his mission so I will send him off. Also, just to let you know a little about the area. It is very wealthy with a lot of comfortable people that do not really want to change. So, we focus mainly on working through the members which is great.
I love y'all and hope you have a great week
Elder Shoemaker

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