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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Responsibilities

Dear Mom and dad,
Wow! These weeks have been going by super fast. I feel like I just got into this area yesterday, but yet there has already been so much accomplished. Saturday we had interviews with President Sagers. As Zone Leader, we were in charge of setting up for that and arranging the times for all the other missionaries in the zone to be interviewed. My interview turned out very well.  There were things said that I really pondered and have written down in my study journal, which has been one thing that has really helped me to be more sensitive to the spirit. I will write down spiritual insights and take them and treasure them showing the Lord that I care, thus helping me to recognize the spirit more.
Oh, another cool thing that worked out this week that is sad and exciting at the same time. There was these investigators that were living together while not married and they split up. She still came to church on Sunday and should be making steps toward baptism soon. We are meeting with her tonight with her fellowshipper and will be committing her to a baptismal date. She is so ready and I am super excited.
So, I will try to list some things that I am doing now with the assignment the Lord has given me.
-weekly reporting to the assistants of the president of the key indicators throughout the zone
-organize interviews for every other transfer which is 6 weeks a transfer
-sometime organize zone confrences whether or not they are held in our zone
-monthly meeeting with the mission president to dicuss goals for the mission and also focus
- monthly trainings on the goals and focus with the zone (the Lewisville zone consists of 7 companionships)
-we also go on exchanges with the district leaders in the zone and once a transfer we go on exchanges with the assistants
-there is no specific driver in our companionship so we alternate who drives and we also have a truck, which is a big deal
-this is the last one I can think of today but we also meet with the Stake President once a month and go over the investigators in the area and receive assignments and report on former assignments.
I will make sure to send pictures next week.  I do not have my camera in the library with me. Also do you want pictures of just my new apartment or all of them?
Dad, it is really cool to see the things that are coming out of church that you take and apply to the family. Also everyone great job on the diet plans and what an intense bike ride dad.
I am sorry I cannot look at my missionary blog. I will make sure to go through and explore it when I get home. You could also print off prints of the website and send a hard copy. 

Ha ha I have definitely noticed the moon.  We had clear skies last night and it lit up the sky! Also, it sounds like your retreat is starting to grow bigger and bigger.  I am sure it will eventually be a pretty big deal. Mom, good luck with working at the school, Justin, keep on track with you diet, and Dad, keep biking.
I love y'all and hope you have an amazingly wonderful week.
Elder Shoemaker

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