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Monday, July 15, 2013

So Many Investigators - It's Wonderful!! July 15th, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,
This last week was great! There were 13 investigators at church this week. The Rongeys where there and are still soaking it up. They are going on vacation so we will not meet with them this week. There was also and friend of a member we are teaching along with her son. And another couple that we have been able to do a couple service projects for. And a less active brother who brought his non-member children. His kids just got in town this week and we were at his home that night to teach them. They are very smart and committed to baptism on the 3rd of August. It has been such a blessing to work with so many great people here and it is very exciting to see so many people at church. There was also another guy at church who has been wanting to return for a while and he made the step yesterday to finally come back to church. It is so exciting and Elder Russell and I just light up when we see people progressing in the gospel.
It has been surprisingly cool the last 24 hours. It has actually been non stop rain since yesterday morning. It is so wonderful and has put people in such a good mood! We were blessed with many opportunities to teach this last week and we will start off this week great. The assistants will actually be coming to our area and Elder Russell will be with one and I the other and we will blitz our area. There are interviews for our zone tomorrow so they will come and teach in our area and stay the night in preparation for interviews.
I am very excited for the things that have been done so far on the home. It look like it will be a great neighborhood and I love seeing the pictures of the green grass. Texas is actually on a water ban meaning that residents can only water their lawns twice a week. That is a really cool experience with the battery for the car and I am glad that everything was able to work out to get to Girls Camp on time.
I did get the package. How did you know I was craving beef jerky?  Ha ha. If you can, if you have not already, unpack the packages I sent so the stuff inside does not stay all folded up. Thank You =)
I will be sending a card for Justin I forgot to write in it last preparation day so I will make sure to do it today and send it asap. But Please tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! for me tomorrow.
I would like to end with a scripture that stood out to me this week and also a link to my favorite video. I read in john 17:20 and it really helped me to see the love of our savior as I realized that he prays for us. It was a great realization and I remember this knowing that he has prayed for me when things are tough and is excited when I am happy.
 20 Neither apray I for these alone, but for them also which shall bbelieve on me through their word;
Thank you mom and dad for all you do to help me be a full time servant of the lord.
Elder Shoemaker

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