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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5 member family Baptism!!!

Dear Mom and Dad,
It was an amazing week. The Rongey family was baptized on Saturday! It was so amazing. Bro. Rongey asked if I would perform the baptisms for the whole family. 5 in a row. It was so spiritual to see the family take this step all together. Bro and Sis Rongey were the first to be baptized. The children followed. Bro and Sis Rongey both wept with tears of joy. This was definitely a dream missionary moment. They will be going to the temple in a year to be sealed as a family and I will definitely be there for that!
This week we also had a couple break through lessons with those we are teaching so there will continue to be those who make the step of baptism here in the Arlington 6th ward. Elder Young and I are doing great. I love serving with him. He is very enthusiastic and is enduring to the end. We get along great and it is amazing to watch how the spirit takes part in our teaching together. Like you said dad there are heavenly messengers helping with the work of salvation.
I bet Miki is very impressed with the quality work that has been done to make her house a home. It also sounds like our new home is coming along great. There are a couple neighborhoods in our area that are growing day by day. They remind me of where we will be moving and as I see these homes building the spirit whispers to me how the decision of the building of our new home is right.
I am happy to hear about the many opportunities that y'all have to teach and minister and feel the spirit directing your teaching. It is such an amazing feeling. I love being a missionary and being able to do it each day. The church tour this evening sounds wonderful.  I encourage y'all to think of one or two people you can send the missionaries to whether they are members who are struggling or non-members. You should tell the missionaries to go by the Slocombe's neighbor (to the right) who's lawn I mowed. I believe his name is Randy and he lives on the left side of the duplex. I am sure he can use service as he is a disabled vet and I believe he would be willing to listen. I talked with him about serving a mission and he was very intrigued.
I bet Justin is excited to be driving and I bet his lesson was great! What did he do for his Eagle Scout project?
I love y'all so much. This is one of my favorites videos not sure if I sent it to y'all before but just in case.
Love Elder Nathaniel Shoemaker

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