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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Workings of the Lord - Amazing!

Dear Mom and Dad,
I would say my favorite way to help people to see the workings of the Lord in peoples live is by discerning their concerns and committing them to read chapters in the Book Of Mormon to help address the concerns. It is so powerful when people can learn on their own by the spirit. I love it when we follow up on commitments and see the things the spirit has for them.
I do have sunscreen and we are making sure to stay safe with the hot temperatures. We make sure to drink plenty of water too. I did get some new ties and I will have plenty of stories for each tie. Transfers are coming up next Wednesday. I'm not sure on who is going where though. Elder Russell will most likely be going. We will actually have an extra missionary with us this week as his companion is leaving a week early for school. Also I am writing today because we had to change our preparation day to today because we went to the temple. It was such a great experience of receiving revelation and feeling the spirit.
I saw Sunday evening as we emailed in reports for the week that there were house pictures, so I was eager to see the progress today. I was shocked when I saw how fast the house went up! It looks huge and beautiful. It sounds like y'all are as excited as me to see the progress. I am glad to heat that y'all got to take a little excursion and relax a little. Ha ha.
This past week was exciting. There will be a baptism this Saturday at 7:30!  We are very happy for the step that the Gormley kids will be making. We had a very cool experience with Collin Gormley this week. He has been not very enthusiastic and has been depressed with his parents separation. We went over two nights ago and his countenance has changed significantly. He is excited to be baptized with his brother and sister. I love seeing the gospel of Jesus Christ taking part in his life. Also the Rongey's said they are ready to be baptized! We went over for our lesson on Monday night and Bro. Rongey said they are ready, and are just trying to get family members in town so they can come take part of the special occasion. There are also a couple other investigators that we are working with that are progressing towards baptism too
I have restarted in the Book of Mormon and hope to finish it before December. I have decided to study it focusing on things I learn from the people in the BOM on how I can be a better missionary. I will definitely have plenty on insights to share as the weeks go by.
I love y'all so much and love hearing from you each week!
Elder Shoemaker

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