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Monday, September 23, 2013

Letter from the Mission President 9-20-13

Dear Brother and Sister Shoemaker,

The time is approaching for your son's departure from his mission here in Texas.  On 12 Dec 2013 your son, Elder Shoemaker, will return from a most successful mission.  His travel itinerary is included with this letter.  Please note the website in case the flight number changes.  This date will not change, but the time could vary slightly.

Elder Shoemaker is a wonderful missionary.  His desire to serve the Lord throughout his mission has blessed the lives of many individuals.  This mission has provided your son the opportunity to learn more about who he is and how reliant and dependent each of us are upon the Lord for our daily well-being.  Through this service,  habits have been developed which will help him throughout his life.  As he comes home, his sights are set high.  Sister Ames and I are proud of Elder Shoemaker and we love him dearly.

Thank you for the privilege of knowing your son in this marvelous and remarkable work of bringing souls unto Christ.


Rodney A. Ames
President Texas Fort Worth Mission

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