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Monday, September 9, 2013

Praying for Prime Time 9-9-13

Dear Mom and Dad,
We had a very successful week and it sounds like y'all did to. I am glad that Micki is being so generous and is helping to make the process of our new move to go so calmly. It is also such a great opportunity y'all have to provide service for her and help her see what the church can do for her in her life. I hope that the project in the back yard goes well. I remember being back there and helping with a project and it looked like her yard really needed some Shoemaker tender loving care.
The time does shift here and it is starting to get darker in the morning and in the evening. Here in Texas when it is dark, people go to sleep, so sometimes, when it is after 8 and we do not have any appointments, the nights to go slow. So if y'all can please pray that we will be able to have appointments during that hour of prime proselyting time. I have full faith that we will have many opportunities to teach in the evenings and I am excited to do so.
Bro. Rongey and his son Ellis both participated in the sacrament yesterday and Bro. Rongey even blessed the bread. He did an excellent job and it is so exciting to see them doing that. We have dinner with them tonight and will have a great lesson with them.
I cannot fathom that Justin is driving ha ha.  I am excited for him though and he did get his licence before I did. What did he do for his eagle scout project?
Anyway, please tell Jacob good luck for me. He will be a great missionary and I am so excited for him and his decision.
I am going to write Spence today too.
Elder Nathaniel Shoemaker

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