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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

100% Missionary - February 20th, 2012

Dear yall,
     Elder Shoemaker and Elder Ericson are doing great in Sstephenville. We are working so hard to be 100% obedient. We do really good on all of the rules and are working to manage our time better so we can say we are 100% obedient missionaries. I have already noticed the blessings from obedience but I want 100% so I can experience all of the blessings. I have had a great spiritual experience this whole week from my studies in the Book of Mormon I have really gotten into it and applied my life to it. I see myself waiting to read more. I can say as of 3 days ago that I love the book of mormon and that it is wothout a doubt my favorite book. Specifically I read in Jacob Ch 2: 9-10 in seeing how we are obligated to to teach people the commandments of the lord. Like Jacob it is hard to enlarge wounds or even wound people by teaching commandments, but "I must do according to the strict commands of God."
     We have done alot of teaching in Dublin this past week we have two baptismal dates set with investigators there and we are focusing on helping them and other investigators by continuing to read in the Book of Mormon. With our recent converts, we are teachin them the new member lessons and working to have them come out with the missionaries to share their simple but powerful testimonies. I know it will really help our investigators to progress towards baptism when they hear recent converts testimonies.
    There are added challenges with Elder Ercison being the district leader now but i know that they are to help me grow because I have to do some on the things that Elder Ericson used to do and work a lot harder. I am greatful for these challenges to help me prepare to be a better missionary. I am also glad to be driving not because of being able to drive but it is helping me know my area better so I will be prepared for when Elder Ericson is on exchanges or if I have the oppotunity to train. Hehe but it is cool that I get to drive a truck. I really love my area and love being a missionary.
     So to anwser some of Spencers questions haha by the way thank you so much for writing me Spence. Texas is doing great.  I have seen for myself what the wet side of Washington might look like. We had a huge rain storm the other day and we were out in it.  I was completely soaked but I was laughing the whole time because of how awsome it was. There were rivers running down the streets and we had to jump through a couple to get where we were going. Elder Ericson is doing great.  He is the district leader now so I do have some more responsibilities. He has been sick the past week but we still got out. He has only been out 3 months more than me. Our Mission President and wife are awesome.   They care about all of us and know just what to say. Our apartment is pretty nice and I have not seen any roaches in ours, but the sister missionaries had some in theirs. On preparation day we get alot of stuff done for the week.  We also work out extra and  I have been working on my dream house plan. We teach a lot  and we do not tract too much. Zach our recent convert has been super busy with his play at the university in town but he is planning on coming out with us next week. ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND I like Nathan.  I do not know why but I just really like it now, I thought I hated it but who knows. haha. 
     Anyways this past week was just super busy and we're preparing an investigator for baptism on Friday.
Love Elder Shoemaker

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